four old ladies running amok!

Friday, May 21, 2010

i have been in the mountains of nc. did anyone miss me? i went with three other ladies, all of us over the age of 55. i was neither the oldest nor the youngest.

you might wonder, what do four old ladies do for fun in the mountains? well, one has two artifical hips and two artificial knees, one's bladder capacity is about two teaspoons, one has kidney stones, and one has only one or two active hours before needing a nap. can you guess which one of those descriptions is me?

this is our idea of running amok. we got away from our kids and husbands and into the company of only people who appreciate us for the wonderful quirky geniuses we are. we shopped the thrift stores. we sat and looked at the river until it made someone think of the bathroom. we ate vast quantities of food and dessert. we listened to an old man tell stories of revolutionary war history that occurred in the exact spot we were. we ate fudge. one of us danced with strange men (the one with the artificial joints). we kissed each other's sweet cheeks and said to ourselves, "i am SO lucky to have such good friends."


Heather said...

I'm jealous on many levels. Trip with friends, escape from kids and husband, and getting kisses from Chris. I want, I want, I neeed, I neeed.


Alice said...

That was a great post. I could guess who all of those people were by your mysterious descriptions. Great picture too

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